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Welcome to EVOKE – home to a wide range of unconventional, quirky creations. Deeply influenced by legendary mythos and beauteous natural landscapes, all of our creations are innovatively designed to inspire hot-blooded passion, let loose notions of freedom and stir up waves of positivity in you. 


Art keeps the magic alive. Through it, we are able to freely express ourselves; through it, we live fully from each moment to the next; through it, we develop refined perspectives on the multi-faceted aspects of life, from beauty and symbols, to spirituality and storytelling. Here, everything we do revolves around experiencing art in our own unique ways, achieving feelings of fulfilment and contentment, and then channelling that harmonious energy back into the world around us. 


In a world abundant with the richness and beauty of all shapes, colours and forms of art, we encourage you to live out loud through your own exploration and enjoyment of the arts, and to roam through a realm of limitless possibilities, free of restrictions and fear. Step into your own skin, and be confident with your true, unfiltered self! 


Art to heart – that’s the motto that our Evoke team stands by. We strive to ensure that our artisanal creations reflect it; be it from the peace and joy we hope to evoke in your hearts, to our consistent participation in community programs and our support of nature conservation efforts. Let’s co-exist compassionately for a better tomorrow! Join our 'Purchase with Purpose' program today and spread more good vibes into the world. 




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