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Bling Classic DREAMIE with Pen
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BLING CLASSIC DREAMIE SET (Handmade Glitter Version)


Are you missing out? Each day passes and have you achieved something? Reached where you want to be? Satisfy with your current situation? Our lives are so precious and full of hidden treasures. We have the power to choose and create our dream life if we believe and act on it. You do not have to wait for the right time (which hardly will be) to move from where you are now to where you want to be. Just get started now. But first, the question is ‘how to start’?

There’s a simple way - start a journal. Put down your thoughts onto paper, get better clarity to act upon, filter out your overthinking mind, set as a reminder, and track your progress. Let your dream manifest. Keeping a journal can be a beneficial self-care practice too.

Glitter DREAMIE paperback journal is a mini light-weight journal with rhinestones on the cover (reminding you to keep sparkle), which can simply be put in your bag, accompany you wherever and whenever to express your thoughts, ideas, experiences, or feelings. Let your dreams shine. Use DREAMIE as your 'Me-time' companion to:

☑️ Write down goals and keep better track of your intentions. This will help you stay accountable, get clarity of your goals, and serve as a reminder of what you need to accomplish. Ditch old procrastination habits and bring order into your life by securely writing all of your plans down. As the saying goes, “What gets measured, gets done.”

☑️ Become more creative. Sketch out ideas and let your imagination run wild. Your journal becomes an idea incubator, be it for strategies for your business, inspirations, and aspirations to improve different aspects of your life.

☑️ Track your progress and growth by revisiting previous entries. Seeing your progress can also give you a good confidence boost as you look back at those challenges you have sailed through. The release of happy chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine will boost your self-esteem and mood, further stabilising your sense of self-identity.

☑️ Work through problems. Dive deep into the origins of your worst fears, worries, and doubts. Counteract these negative influences by coming up with a myriad of ways to work on them and keep them from cluttering up your headspace, let them stay in the past and you’ll be able to make peace with yourself and move on to greater things in life.

☑️ Practise gratitude. Spending time counting your blessings is a great way of staying afloat and remaining positive throughout tough times. By listing down all that you appreciate, you’ll start looking on the bright side and focus on what you already have in your life – all while being motivated to chase down your dreams.

and more…

Paperbacks have always been an authentic way for authors to paint out their beautiful stories and messages – but these books don’t always have to be rigidly printed with the typical text-heavy format! Wouldn’t you be proud if you were able to own a paperback all about your journey and place it amongst others on your bookshelf? 

YES! It’s your story, your way. Fill up the blank spaces in Evoke’s paperback journal and start authoring your very own adventure. Write, doodle, draw, chart, map out or use any other imaginative method to freely create a book about YOURSELF (and create a keepsake for future self too)!


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❤️ 1 x DREAMIE Paperback Journal (Glitter version)

125mm x 175mm | 116 pages | Perfect bound binding | FSC MUNKEN paper, 100gsm, cream | FSC TINTORETTO STUCCO card, 320gsm, white | Blank pages with printed numbering | Random motivational & de-stress pages | Hand-install rhinestones (random design)


❤️ 1 x Bling Dream Catcher Mini Canvas Pouch (Glitter version)

150mm x 200mm | Cream canvas | Top zipper (Pink or Turquoise) } Hand-install rhinestones (random design)

❤️ 1 x White Top Glitter Ballpoint Pen (Black Ink)

❤️ 1 x Gift-wrapped Packaging in Mailing/Shipping Box

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