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Splash out your LOVE, spread GOOD vibes. You are AWESOME! In case no one has told you lately, you are amazing, strong, brave, wonderful, kind, loved, worthy, and you are special. The world needs you. If you found like-minded people, send them this booklet too to praise. Let's all spread more good vibes and live the life we want. It's never too late to be who you want to be. This little blank journal would be your perfect companion to doodle, write, draw and plan your next milestone in life! Always reminded you to chase after your dreams. This is a colourful life. Record your amazing stories as a trove of memories. You are the author of your life story.



Now is a tough time we are experiencing. The pandemic does not discriminate, leaving all industries to suffer the consequences. It is a challenging time for many people. Some people had the option of retreating into the safety of their homes, with their pantry and kitchen cupboards stocked with necessities and groceries. Unfortunately, the homeless and poor have no such luxury. Let's make a little change that may impact someone else. Each of your purchases will go towards sponsoring a hearty meal for the less fortunate. Buy one, feed one. Part of the proceeds will go to aid the work of urban hunger through local social enterprises or soup kitchens. Let's help if you can and spread more positive vibes.





❤️ 1 x Evoke Dream Catcher Paperback Journal

125mm x 175mm | 96 pages | Perfect bound binding | FSC MUNKEN paper, 90gsm, cream | FSC TINTORETTO STUCCO card, 320gsm, white | Blank pages with printed numbering | Random de-stress pages


❤️ Beautifully wrapped with cotton paper and a tag in a box