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DREAMIE Novel-style Journal
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Are you looking for a unique and lovely journal to write in? Do you want something that will inspire you and make you happy every time you use it? 

This beautiful little dream catcher-themed journal is perfect for carrying around with you everywhere you go. It is perfect for writing down your thoughts, ideas, experiences, or feelings. And not only is the DREAMIE Paperback Journal super cute and convenient, it's also incredibly inspiring. Every time you open it up, you'll be greeted by the dream catcher design on the cover. This will remind you to always chase your dreams and live your life to the fullest!

A dream becomes real when you believe with every cell of your being that this could really happen. It’s time we stop talking about “what if?" Instead; start asking questions like "why not?", and make a start from where you stand now with the right mindset. 

Plan, and draft out what and how to move toward your dreams. As expert claims, reducing your plan to writing will give concrete form to the intangible desire.

Inside the journal, you'll find plenty of space to write down your goals, sketch out ideas, track your progress, work through problems, practise gratitude, and art journal. The DREAMIE Journal makes a great addition to any bookshelf and is a wonderful way to document your journey. Whether you're a working woman, stay-at-home mom, or student, DREAMIE paperback journal is the perfect way to get your thoughts down on paper and keep your life on track. So don't wait any longer, order your DREAMIE Journal today!



⭐️  Write down goals and keep better track of your intentions

⭐️  Sketch out ideas and observations

⭐️  Track your progress, habits, and growth

⭐️  Work through problems

⭐️  Express gratitude

⭐️  Make plans to catch your dreams

⭐️  Create art journaling or scrapbooking

⭐️  Doodling and mind mapping

⭐️  Braindump - get everything that's on your mind out of your head

⭐️  and many more...all of which will help you to have better clarity, be happier, and create a keepsake for future YOU.

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❤️ 1 x DREAMIE Paperback Journal

125mm x 175mm | 116 pages | Lay-flat binding format | FSC MUNKEN paper, 100gsm, cream | FSC TINTORETTO STUCCO card, 320gsm, white | Blank pages with printed numbering | Round corner | Random de-stress and motivational pages | Front 4 colour pages

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